7-Day Body Restore

7-day-body-restoreJust like your car starts to run a little rough when you give it poor quality fuel, so does your body. Our 7-day Body Restore Program provides a basic, simple, system cleanse that will help you overcome sugar and other junk food cravings, jump start weight loss, get you started eating healthier foods, and just help you to feel better overall.

Unlike other cleanse and food detox programs, there are no strange food combinations that leave you starving and no scary-sounding procedures or processes. Our Restore program emphasizes eating proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole foods while avoiding processed foods. On our Restore Program, you don’t have to count calories, just eat the right foods.

We’ll get you started by giving you the supplements you need and sending you our list of recommended Healthful Foods, along with a meal plan that will keep you full and energized while you’re cleansing your body of the results from so many years of not-so-great eating. We’ll ask you to keep a food log of what you’re eating and how much each day, then check in with you by phone once along your journey to offer support and make sure everything is going okay.

After the week is up, you will meet with Kris in person. She’ll give you an outline for a healthy eating plan with targeted foods and calorie levels that is designed to fit your life and help you reach your health goals.

  • 7-Day Body Restore
  • $200
  • Restore includes supplements, 7-day meal planning, and goal setting to help you overcome sugar and junk food cravings, jump start weight loss, and feel better overall
  • Email Kris at numuvwellness@gmail.com to get started!