Fitness Classes

Move-It Circuit Training

Fitness Classes from NuMuv: Boot-Camp Circuit Training
You’ll discover improved strength and sizzling calorie burn in this energizing boot-camp workout.

This 45-minute, boot-camp workout for ages 15+ is a full-body strength circuit workout that engages every muscle group for improved all-over strength and calorie burn. Cardio intervals keep you moving – and sweating – throughout the entire workout. Each session includes warm-up, timed stations, and a cool-down. During the good-weather seasons, we hold workouts outdoors to take advantage of the fresh air. Bring plenty of water and a towel.

Balanced Body

Fitness Classes from NuMuv: Yoga + Pilates for a great mind-body workout

Yoga meets Pilates in this invigorating workout for your body and your mind.

Balanced Body takes the best aspects of yoga and Pilates and combines them into an amazing all-over workout for increased mind and body strength. The class is taught by a certified instructor. Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and towel.

Talk to Kris for Move-It Circuit Training and Balanced Body class dates and times.