Nutrition Programs to Get You Back on Track8 Weeks to Success ProgramOne-on-One Nutrition Counseling7-Day Body Restore ProgramFood Sensitivity Testing
Through individual recommendations from Kris and support from a buddy or group, get started eating healthier and feeling better.Whether you meet with Kris once or several times, personalized, individual sessions can help you achieve your health goals.Reduce sugar and junk food cravings to get started on a healthier diet with a simple plan of eating proteins, fruits and veggies, and whole foods.Discover whether food sensitivities are causing health issues such as gut disorders, skin issues, joint pain, migraines, fatigue, and more.
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Individual Overall Health Assessment
Short- and Long-Term Goal Setting
Flexible, Personalized Guidance and Support
Customized Dietary Guidelines for Eating Healthy and Reaching Your Goals
Grocery Shopping Strategies
Email Support
Online-Only Options by Phone, Skype, and/or Email
Available as One-Time or As-Needed Sessions
Discounts for Class Add-ons