Food Sensitivity/Gut Health Testing

Laboratory blood food sensitivity testing can help identify a root cause for symptoms or health conditions you may be experiencing. These three tests are the most common that Kris recommends. She has access to many testing solutions and may recommend others based on your experiences and health goals.

All lab testing includes a blood draw and three follow-up sessions with Kris to talk about your test results, meal plans, and how to eliminate the foods you should avoid. Lab tests may be covered by your health insurance. Kris will discuss costs with you based on your interest and her recommendations for specific testing.

Dietary Antigen Test – Researchers estimate that at least 60% of the U.S. population experiences unsuspected reactions to food that can cause or complicate health problems. This test looks at 88 common foods and food additives and your body’s potential adverse reaction to them. This will help get to the root cause of chronic, unexplained symptoms you may be experiencing. If your test results show you have food sensitivities (which everyone Kris has seen does) Kris will work with you to eliminate those foods and replace them with options healthier for your body. She may also recommend supplements.

Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment – Intestinal permeability, known as “leaky gut,” can make you more vulnerable to food sensitivities and other toxins. A leaky gut can weaken your immune system and cause increased inflammation. This test will look for imbalances in different proteins and enzymes in your body that may indicate you have intestinal permeability. If so, Kris may recommend dietary changes and/or supplements to help improve the integrity of your gastrointestinal lining.

Oxidative Stress Test – This test shows how much oxidative stress there is in your body and how effectively your body manages it. Metabolic processes in your body produce free radicals, which are counterbalanced by antioxidants. Without enough antioxidants or when they don’t function normally, free radicals accumulate, leading to cellular damage and increased risk for heart disease, neurologic conditions, cancers, and other toxic conditions. This test looks for markers that may indicate a high level of oxidative stress in your body. If these are present, Kris will help you with dietary changes and/or recommend supplements to improve antioxidant levels and function.

Contact Kris for more information about the tests she offers.

  • Initial Food Sensitivity/Gut Health Testing Consult
  • $75
  • This initial consultation is to determine what type of testing package would best fit your needs. It includes assessing your health history and discussing options related to your wellness goals.
  • Email Kris at to get started!

Test package prices will vary depending on the test recommendations made by Kris after your initial consultation. Follow up sessions are included with each test package.